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Identifying the building blocks and constructing the foundation for your business, marketing, and communications efforts


Development in the digital arena is simply a process of defining the who, what, where, why, and how of a digital footprint in the context of a company’s business objectives. Digital footprint refers to the overall impact, impression, or effect as manifested on the internet; the online presence, or visibility of a person or company In the contemporary world, a company does not exist (from a marketplace perspective) unless it has at least a basic digital footprint - a website.


A company’s website is a platform. A website is one platform in a constellation of what is today billions of platforms making up the larger digital world with which we interact each day (this was once referred to as the World Wide Web). A company’s fully developed digital footprint is comprised of the carefully selected combination of platforms employed to maximize a company’s business objectives. For example, Facebook is a platform, Twitter is a platform, YouTube is a platform. These platforms are connected by the Internet, with the Internet, in turn, connected to digital devices (phones, tablets, computers) around the world.

Platforms perform several important functions. First, a company website stands as a testament to a company’s brand. Second, platforms provide a space within which to convene an audience. This is by far the most important function of a platform, as the audience is synonymous with revenue. Third, a platform provides the tools and techniques for the collection, display, manipulation, sharing, interaction with, and distribution of all forms of digital content. Think of platforms as digital containers enhanced by a variety of tools designed to assist in engaging audiences.


The art form in all of this - and the value RGOC Digital brings to the development process - is the design and construction of a company website, along with the strategic selection of platforms and their deployment in support of business objectives. Most importantly, this deployment includes content in various forms (written, graphic, audio, video, etc.) and the frequency of interaction with platform audiences. All of which can be measured (via analytics) to determine how effectively you engage with audiences, with the ultimate measure of audience engagement being product sales.


The RGOC Digital team serves as your digital general contractors We will consult with you to develop, design, and build your digital infrastructure for self-management, provide ongoiong support, or manage your entire online presence and measure and respond to the results.

Originally founded in the pre-Internet days, Research Group of Companies (RGOC) was known as Print Media Research Group. From its inception, Research Group was unique in providing both technology and content development services to its media clients.


More than 15 years ago, the company began developing a specialty in healthcare media. This effort yielded the creation of Physicians News Network in 2011.


In order to simplify this diverse portfolio, the company rebranded as Research Group of Companies as the holding company, with the RGOC software development division, Physicians News Network as our publishing arm, and RGOC Digital as our services and consulting division.


Since its inception, RGOC has been a family-owned business, now employing three generations of family members. Together the RGOC team possesses a deep background and media, including software development, content development, social media, and a full range of digital transformation capabilities. 


We have proudly served a diverse range of clients around the globe in a rapidly evolving business environment where every company is a media company.  

Abstract Structure

"I’ve had the privilege to work with the RGOC team for more than a decade.  As the CEO of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, representing nearly 30,000 physicians, the need to have a strategic, creative, trusted resource is vital to our success. 


RGOC's digital consulting services have been invaluable to our organization, and we rely on them for all aspects of marketing, media and communications. They play a pivotal role in our digital presence, helping to inform physicians on a variety of issues and initiatives. They have developed and expanded our digital transformation, and we even tap into their abundance of talent to help design logos and brand identities. 

Our success with unprecedented growth is attributed, in large part, to the work of RGOC."

"RGOC is the central driver in the transformation of Athena and its capacity to fulfill its mission. As the mastermind behind Athena’s digital transformation and extended market reach, we’re now positioned to become the digital HUB for women in the STEM economy.
We hit the jackpot with RGOC in digitally delivering Athena’s leadership development resources and its advocacy initiatives to new and existing markets."

—  Holly Smithson, CEO


—  Gustavo Friederichsen, Chief Executive Officer


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